Guitar Playing parrot – funny pet bird cockatoo video

For some reason, my parrot has an obsession with the guitar.

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  1. lbarra26 says:

    true that!! nigga

  2. jimjabbo says:

    Major awesome…my Galah simply bites through my strings…on the very rare occasions she gets access to my guitar.

  3. parrotscience says:

    @jimjabbo And how often have the guitar strings cut the galah’s head off (as seems to be the concern of everybody here?)

  4. jimjabbo says:

    what are you talking about parrot science?…she bites through them at the base of the guitar..I do not leave my guitar lying on the floor. it is in a guitar stand…first she taps on the wood as she can see her reflection on the guitar…she bit through (last time ) 3 strings E, B and G. which are nylon…the strings whip away from her and the other end is less than 1 inch long…no head cutting at all.

  5. PunkPikachu says:

    He is a rockstar! He even has his own mohawk!

  6. movesguy says:

    I would use an open tuning, like G, on the guitar. That way, anything it plays will sound good.

  7. al7alow says:

    i want have sax with johns brothers wow are they gays??

  8. bowlingballout says:

    Don’t worry, it won’t cut the birds head off… just down to the bone.

  9. QueTerco says:


  10. quelita28 says:

    He could be taught to play a toy piano as well.

  11. mzmissixo says:

    awwww cute!!! Birds are soo smart

  12. edandmi says:

    i like …. your parrot have an special talent …. is so cute

  13. iSim0641 says:

    gotta love the parrot run

  14. CrazyEurazion says:

    haha when he hops into the rooom bahahahaha

  15. lithuaniandp says:

    A bird that chooses to run, not fly… Nice.

  16. Ruttomieli says:


  17. GLASGOWBOY1990 says:

    That bird runs/hops like a champion

  18. FCKEVRY1 says:

    Cute, but what if a string pops?

  19. skyferret1 says:

    Will definitely have to get together with Nora.

  20. KyuuAkari says:

    Lol how he runs is so cute

  21. ips723 says:

    see these endangered birds please help this campaign


  22. calumcoghill says:

    worst video everrrrrrrrrrrrr

  23. xllELiiT3llx says:

    That cockatoo is a musician!

  24. RiotRyanVids says:

    I got a bird at my dad’s but my god! i wish it ran like that your bird is badass

  25. WeakSignaI says:

    fuck. whenever my cockatoo hops across the floor like that, he wants to bite ya.

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