Pet Care : How to Treat a Cat Bite

Cat bites can be very serious for humans and should be treated first with antibacterial soap, and then with professional medical attention. Treat a cat bite with tips from an experiencedveterinarian in this free video on pet care. Expert: Dr. James Talbott Bio: Dr. James R. Talbott is a staff veterinarian at Belle Forest Animal Hospital and Kennel in Nashville, Tenn. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

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  1. trichonosis says:

    You’re right. Cats have gram-negative bacteria in their mouths and most of it is in the tartar on their teeth. When the long sharp tooth sinks into the person’s flesh, the bacteria gets deposited into the wound, not injected. It’s a serious infection because gram-negative bacteria is very resistant to all antibiotics. Try not to get bitten, especially by older cats with very dirty, tartar-covered teeth. You can wind up on strong IV antibiotics if you get bitten by a cat.

  2. Jindovi says:

    yes but kittens are younger and have much less bacteria on there teeth, it could become a bigger infection as the kitten gets older

  3. awluver says:

    my son was bitten by a mother cat (domestic house cat) when he was 15 months old. We seen where the cat had bitten him on his wrist and took quick action and cleansed the wound throughly. However, what we did not notice was that he was also bitten on the other wrist and by evening his arm was swelling badly. We took him to ER and he was put on antibiotcs but by the next day the swelling was worse so he was admitted to the hospital on IV antibiotics for 5 days. Cat bites are VERY SERIOUS

  4. Cloudbuster7777 says:

    what bout young cat bites like a 9 month kitten?

  5. BernadH says:

    i just got bit by my cat and i heard a “pop” sound? does that mean he struck a vein? or just punctured the skin?

  6. Rockerzx360 says:

    lol, smooooth

  7. SuperMario14793 says:

    when ever my kitten bits me it itches so bad

  8. VirtualBilly says:

    who was the girl in the background? was she an extra? she didn’t have any lines.

  9. iRenz0 says:

    what about rabies? how do you take that into consideration? especially if the cat is away from your grasp, how would one know if the person would have it or not?

  10. JTyler52 says:

    lol I love the people on here that are taken this so serious, its a fuckin cat :p Yea there bites hurt but trust me there no reason to show up at the ER 😛 sure you shuold wash it maybe but ive been bitten by cats plenty and im still walking around to tell the story :p

  11. radnitzku says:

    Professor Catooth

  12. lioxoda says:

    lol that is cat is like what’s with the tooth fondling leave me to sleep

  13. goatlover4ever says:

    gah freaky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. dayne1614 says:

    im scared i was bitten by a cat around the street its a dirty a cat and then im scared to have rabbis…..

  15. megalomania345 says:

    i have never had a car accident – why buckle up?
    you’re lol…

  16. megalomania345 says:

    check your vital signs. Is your heart still beating?
    If not and you answer, you’re a vampire or something.

  17. mansuperthatoh says:

    woah, contact a physician?
    that’s a stretch…
    just put some peroxide on it and suck it up

  18. mermaidamp says:

    Cats bite unless they’re bothered by expressing anal glands.

  19. TheStrokesChick says:

    hmmm…1:04 seek attention from a human physician? I never realized there were non-human physicians…lol XD

  20. iluvcookies21383 says:

    SH** my cat bit me and i didnt treat it…. im gonna die im gonna die omfgg

  21. starjiea says:

    — try tea tree oil on humans and animals works like a charm ….. ive had lots of experience…… as well as tea the normal kind u drink is great 4 conjunctivitis on animals and human…. use in warm water wiping only once per side of bag as not to spred…… all very affactive

  22. Bubblebunnilovesyou says:

    I got bit
    And after I watched it
    Was scared

  23. js3352js says:

    CAT BITES ARE A SERIOUS MEDICAL PROBLEM! Get treatment within 12 hours of the bite.

  24. ZClipze says:

    I’ve always feared a cat bite I wouldn’t want to die so young

  25. swffmopshots says:

    damn cat bit while i was feeding it . i put the cat food into a little pile and was spacing it out with my hand becuse theres more than one cat and i put my hand right in play for the freaking cat to bit me , wrong idea and the bite was very painful. im a 30 year old man and i felt lie crying but like one comment says “pour peroxide on it and man up” is exactly what i did.

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